Useful Links


Sigma-Aldrich: If they don’t have it, it’s “special”
Carl Roth: Worth to check for solvents, common salts
AppliChem: Worth to check for solvents, common salts
TCI Chemicals: Worth to check for starting materials
Acros: Worth to check for starting materials
Alfa Aesar: Worth to check for starting materials
Lenz Laborglas: Glassware
Avanti Polar Lipids: Phospholipids and equipment for liposome preparation (german distibutor)
Biosynthan: Custom peptides
Molecular Probes: Fluorescent dyes (now part of Life Technologies)
C/D/N Isotopes: Deuterated solvents and chemicals
Deutero GmbH: Deuterated solvents and supplier for NMR


Evans’ pKa Table: One of the most comprehensive pKa tables on the web with references
Bordwell pKa Table: Acidities in DMSO from Hans Reich (U Wisconsin)
science-softCon: UV/Vis+ Spectra Data Base (UV/Vis+ Photochemistry Database)
NIST Databse: UV/Vis Spectra and others
Spekwin32: Link list to fluorescence spectra
AIST Spectral Database: 1H and 13C NMR, IR, MS, ESR, Raman spectral database
CAS Journal Abbreviations List: Find appropriate journal abbreviations here.

Technical Guides:

Liposome Preparation: From Avanti Polar Lipids Inc., see also the remaining Technical Support section
Not Voodoo: Useful tips for organic synthesis


How to make a poster: Useful tips on how to make a poster for a conference
Do’s and Don’ts of Poster Presentation: An old, but useful guide to posters
Teaching Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Excellent short introduction with references
Centrifuge Speed Calculator: Converts g- and rpm-values for Eppendorf centrifuges